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Pre-morning dive lunch menu, luxurious Lembeh Hills ResortMy world is full of water, light and words. I have dived worldwide for 28 years, making pictures for over half that time. My very first open water dive back in 1989 was at Temple in the Red Sea. I will never forget the arid, dusty desert morphing into an explosion of bright, teeming, colour-filled reef and I was immediately hooked.

Underwater photography crossed my path during a voluntary four month marine conservation survey in Belize in the early ‘90s. After later flooding a film camera in the Cayman Islands I thought "right, time to get serious". Some research with Steve Warren at Ocean Optics and pouring over dive magazines later (yes gentle reader, this was pre-Google days) decided me on a Nikonos V and a Martin Edge weekend course in Bournemouth.

That decision led to an ongoing journey of discovery, breath-taking beauty, a major career u-turn, lifelong friendships and a passion for underwater photography, writing and teaching that has seeped into my every pore to become an integral part of my life.

I recently launched my own Underwater Photography courses which are the result of years of experience and a strong desire to share this wonderful underwater adventure. I obtained an adult teaching qualification (PTLLS 3) in January 2014 to give me the best grounding to teach people who are keen to learn.

My latest adventure is to work with Tasik Divers as their resident photo pro based in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Current SLR kit: Nikon D7200, Nauticam housing, Nikon 105mm & 60mm lenses with converted Nexus ports, Tokina 10-17mm fish-eye lens with Zen mini-dome port, 2 x Inon Z240 strobes, Retra fibre optic snoot, various teleconverters and diopters.

Current compact kit: Canon S110, Nauticam housing, UWL-04 Ultra wide-angle lens, Subsea +5 magnifier, 2 x Inon Z240 strobes

May 2017

North Sulawesi, Indonesia 2011


Gill is based in Bristol, UK and at Tasik Ria Resort and Spa, Manado, Indonesia. She is published in a range of media including in her role as Feature Editor for Ocean Geographic - also in UK's Diver, Sport Diver and Dive magazines, the Observer newspaper and Dive - the ultimate guide. She was editor of Scuba Diver Ocean Planet in 2016 and editor of the British Society of Underwater Photographers in-house magazine for four years, bringing the quality and content forward hugely during that time, and continues to be involved in organising and supporting many competitions and events across the marine world.

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